in 28 pictures
& 14 questions

- July 2018 -

we’ll start with simple ones and get a little creative.

1. Jesus or Marx?

2. Sun or Privacy?

3. Yellow or Orange curtains?

4. A Crown of Thorns or Lord of the Flies?

5. Breezing by on borrowed light, or polishing a rustic shine?

6. A cog in a prestigious machine, or proud and alone in bad company?

7. Stuck in a colorful traffic jam, or dusting away in a suggestive no-man's-land?

8. In whose position would you rather (not) be?

9. Distorted by your own screen or mine?

10. Blind but effective, or overqualified and dejected?

11. Paradise by afterlife abstraction, or good fun with two-dimensional figuration?

12. Highborn, renowned, remote, or high-spirited, reliable, and lid-open to the street poles?

13. Has either really deserved to suffer such heavy-handed color grading?

14. As a gesture towards fairness, here a cute miniature of the Hungarian Parliament, vs. a coldish perspective on the recently inaugurated prize-winning Humanities building of the CEU.

Unfortunately the ongoing tensions between the Hungarian Government and the Central European University are nothing like the bickering between two schools of architectural thought. XXXXXXXXX



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Did you enjoy the photos and questions? Were they an absolute waste of your time? Were some easier to answer than others? Have you come up with much cleverer ways to juxtapose them? Do you feel a burning desire to give me color grading tips? Then why not …

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