reasons to love

Georgia საქართველო in pictures

the markets

the monasteries

the streetdogs

the devotional pigeons

the silent kitten

the loud fish

the hungry pigs

the food

the non-vegan food

the sprawling evenings

the sulfur bath nights

the small specks of light

the big specks of light

the soft corners

the sharp corners

the laid-back ambition

the naps

the colours

the turquoise

the orange

the yellow and purple

the greens

the connections

the distractions

the cigarettes

the grown-up toys

the timeless toys

the rides

the bellies

the childcare

the ashtrays

the bored hipsters

the posing tourists

the natural curves

the regular edges

the slopes

the sky-lines

the cave-lines

the roofs

the roofs..

the little streets

the little trees

the Big trees

the medium trees

the long way...


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