The Mantis Shrimp

“O Woe Is Me”                      

exclaims a mantis shrimp.

Unfazed by clichés,

idiomatically innocent.

“Alas, Another Crab”

SNAP! now that’s dead.

No challenge

for our neon nightmare,

its raptorial appendages

KAPOW! accelerate

with 22-caliber-rifle velocity.

© Klaus Stiefel

…and yet…

© CremboC

“Dull Are My Days”

sighs the full-time crustacean.

For a renowned chromatic curiosity,

our high-end sushi-topping

is found to be lacking

in hoped-for ferocity…

“To Be Or Not To Be”

Oh shut it already! Besides:

a creature of up-to-38 cm

is incapable of suicide.

…this affront the shrimp will not bear…

“Watch Me!”

it retorts 

and with a PLOP! 

its head falls O!

 f f f.

No wonder, really.

In light of its 1,500 Newton-strong

dismemberment proficiency,

this most psychedelic of delicacies

ought never have been provoked

by a student of poetry.

© Prilfish

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