Breaking Bones and Power Structures 

Professor of Drama at UC Irvine, Bryan Reynolds talks about extreme sports, Bruce Lee Buddhism, and the proletarian revolution

the Civilized Fight for Human Rights

With nearly 100 diplomatic missions to troubled spots around the globe, the French ambassador to Denmark, François Zimeray, is a true freedom fighter

Changing Lives one Haircut at a Time

From his shop in Vesterbro and on his trips to suburbs like Ishøj, Bernard Zephrine garners respect from youths who don’t normally respect authority

Corridors of Silence

Poor management, a sub-standard psycho-social working environment, and cuts that reduce the quality of research. University by name, but the voice of criticism is universally quiet

Young and Need the Money?

Messy, funny, very open-minded or just too much time on your hands? Five unorthodox ways to (probably not) make a living  

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